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Sell your Diamonds for a Reasonable Price

Diamond ring with gold color

Diamonds are a symbol of luxurious and undoubtedly expensive pieces of jewelry, but Koosh Jewelers doesn't let you break the bank. If you want the most authentic, beautifully cut diamond jewels in Hollywood Florida, our top-quality gems with the best prices are one click away.

Make that proposal a unique experience. If you want to sell your diamond, we will value it as a unique gem in our collection. Our mission is to add shiny delightful smiles to our clients' faces.


Fast Sales Of Your Premium Diamonds

Entrusting your diamonds to a jewelry store might seem like a tricky process in which many verifications are required on your end. Koosh Jewelers value your diamonds as their products. Thus, we follow the same approach with passion and accuracy to estimate your diamond's worth.

Your diamonds are priceless to you and incredibly valuable to us. Every time we welcome a visitor who requires a professional appraisal of its diamonds, our experienced specialists ensure to assist you transparently through all steps of appraisal and payment methods to ensure your peace of mind.

Feel free to ask for our specialist's evaluation of diamonds without second thoughts that you'd be forced to sell your jewels to us. Moreover, we provide full insurance coverage to prevent any possible loss or damage to your gems.

What Types Of Diamonds Do We Buy?

Koosh Jewelers holds the crown of top-ranked decently as one of the premier cash for diamond buyers in Hollywood Florida.

We know that diamonds are never too much or unwanted, but our specialists can turn them into a pleasing extra income. Once you sell your diamonds, we're here to purchase them by a live evaluation at our store or other virtual methods.

Our clients' primary satisfaction is receiving the best offer from Koosh Jewelers. Feel free to study the market price for gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds. We offer cash for a diamond for:

  • Pins
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Watches
  • Necklaces
  • Brooches & Charms
  • Small + Loose Diamonds
  • Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands
  • Our Valuation Process

    1. Verification
    Once you entrust your appraisal to our experts, they start with the verification phase. This is where specialists go for a detailed Diamond appraisal for its weight and conditions such as the cut, the shape, the color, and clarity.

    2. Analysis
    After successful checks on important criteria, specialists move forward with the metal assessment.

    3. Evaluation
    In a competitive battlefield of luxurious jewelry pieces, it is vital to keep up with the diamond industry with an in-depth market assessment.

    4. Setting a Price
    Defining a price is undoubtedly the most challenging part of the process since we try to empathize with the seller and remain objective with our offer. Based on the current market conditions and prices, our experts will surely give you a generous price to buy your diamonds.

    5. Proposal
    Our offer is a transparent communication where we communicate and interpret the reasons for our price according to the appraisal. If you want to hear us by phone call or email, that's entirely up to you.

    How Much Are My Diamonds Worth?

    If you desire to sell diamonds, you will get familiar with the 4C's guide. The value of a diamond relies on its cut, clarity, color, and of course, carats.

    It's essential to have an honest estimation of your diamond from a GIA-certified appraiser like the ones from our staff. They know how to set a price for the actual value of your diamond and not the markup.

    How Do We Know if you Have a Natural Diamond

    If it's a gift or a recently purchased diamond at a very cheap price, we suggest you do some tests before considering selling it to a certified buyer. Cubic zirconium and colored glass can quickly be sold as original ones. Therefore, doing the scratch, fog, and transparency tests is crucial.

    If a diamond can scratch the glass, it is natural. In the fog test, a real diamond can spread heat instantly. Moreover, the last test is the transparency test. If you can read the text when you stare at newsprint with the tip of the diamond facing down and it's not blurry, then it's an imitation. Natural diamonds have imperfections, and the view must be blurry.